The common thread among the diversity of projects that Scott Rumel Architect (SRA) has executed is a desire to seek challenging design work where we can help make a difference creating solutions unique to each client (through attentiveness to client needs and providing design solutions that enrich the client’s living and working environment).  We believe that good design is responsive to context, whether the project is a tenant improvement or a multi-million dollar new construction project. The context of course, includes varying emphasis on client program, budget control, climatic response, efficiency-of-plan-and-circulation, and a logical integration of all the architectural and engineering related  building systems.  Early in the design process we typically consider design options and alternatives, and work to establish a “team” approach to problem solving where the Owner participates directly in the decision making process

SRA considers active Owner participation critical to the design process, which stresses sensitivity to Owner needs, user needs, and other advisory groups or agencies that may be involved.  Appropriate design solutions result from attentive listening, which characterizes the client relationship throughout the design and construction process.

Good design also depends upon experienced project management: Our project management approach provides effective leadership, communication, and coordination among the various design team members, including consultants, users, and owner representatives.  We stress design team participation that recognizes service to the client as top priority, along with an uncompromising commitment to excellence.

In our design process, we are conscientious about managing the budget parameters for each project in order to maximize the benefit of construction dollars available for each project. In all our projects, we establish an alignment between the client budget resources and the client needs.

Attentive construction administration is an equally important feature of our professional services, which is characterized by continuity in personnel from the design phase to the construction phase services, maintaining a process of knowledgeable and efficient decision making through to the completion of the project.

In summary, we strive to infuse each project with a logic and certainty of purpose that is unique to each client’s needs. That certainty of purpose represents a convergence of function and quality design that is responsive to Owner needs, site parameters, climate, and budget.

We believe in design solutions that respond to regional, contextual, and climatic determinants.

We also believe that the quantity of experience with a given client or building type is not as important as the design process and management philosophy of the architectural firm. Successful techniques at programming, planning, active Owner participation, and emphasis upon quality design are more significant factors in outstanding results for any building type.  Therefore, the design process and construction documents for your project will represent a unique set of conditions that we prepare and evaluate as a design team, with the Owner, as part of that design team.

Energy & Sustainable Building Applications

SRA  routinely considers and evaluates appropriate applications of energy conscious design.  These concepts include proper building orientation to gain maximum passive solar benefit for the built environment, and appropriate selection of materials to gain maximum insulating factors.  Mechanical and electrical systems are designed with energy efficiency as one determinant for appropriate system selection.  A specific list of guidelines and objectives related to energy efficiency is developed during the program and design phases of the project.  We also strive to place value upon life cycle cost performance of building systems as they relate to maintenance and operations.   As an example, our Sierra Vista Aquatic Facility project recently received a Governor’s Award for Energy Efficiency.

The firm of Scott Rumel Architect (SRA) seeks challenging design work, where our efforts can make a beneficial difference in the lives of our clients by creating design solutions that are unique to each client and their circumstances. Each of our projects are attentive to climate, site context, owner function, and budget. Our projects also strive to be creative, energy conscious, and efficient in a manner that integrates architecture and engineering components into logical and innovative solutions.

  • Grace Church Classroom
  • Beigel House
  • Vet Clinic Study
  • Imagination Cube Entry

Strategic Objectives for Each Project

Commitment to having responsive team members who are involved in the project from start to finish, including personal involvement of the principal.

Commitment to design solutions that are unique to each client’s needs where we can make a beneficial difference in the lives of our clients, and where each project can convey an outward expression of purpose, function and character representative of that project.

Commitment to design excellence that responds to regional and climatic determinants, and which also incorporates sustainable design practices into all aspects of the project

Commitment to maximize the benefit of construction dollars budgeted for each project.